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Fish Plates

July 28, 2009

If you dug this image of fish plates (I’m obsessed with those green tiles, myself!), check out these sweet brass plates from High Street Vintage ($24).


On the wall

July 12, 2009

This awesome kitchen and plate collection caught my eye (how cute are those anchor curtains?) and reminded me of the wall of fish plates from Martha Stewart Living awhile back.

Then I saw this awesome project from Fine Little Day below involving drawing on vintage plates with a porcelain pen.



That blue box of butterflies and the round mirror are just perfect.  See more on gallery walls here.


Yep, this image combines three of my favorite things! via this book, via The City Sage.


I’m so sad about Domino Magazine.  I’m going through all the stages of grief.  Tonight I was looking through their galleries and wondering if I should download every image I love, like this pink colored room, which is Regal AquaPink latex in Authentic Pink Of course, the gallery wall makes me happy too.


I just saw this amazing christmas “tree” from All The Luck in The World, via ATLA (although its been all over the web already) and just had to post it beacuse I think that this way of displaying ephemera is awesome and could be used all year round (in a variety of spaces — like circles!).  She put it together with blue tacky stuff and tiny nails.


Gallery Walls: A Good How To

November 21, 2008

Gallery walls are one of my favorite things and yet I don’t have one in my own home… partially because a BAD gallery wall is almost as depressing as a good gallery wall is wonderful. All The Best posted a great tutorial using this gallery wall at the Kate Spade store as an example. Really smart and helpful.


Kitchen Adorenment

August 18, 2008

The husband found this image via Terramia. Not only does it have my fantasy sink (that appears at least 10 times in my inspiration journals in various pictures) but it also has those fabulous prints.


So, just as I hit “post” on my gallery wall round up I get an marketing email from West Elm touting their gallery frames. They’ve made the whole hanging process seemingly idiot proof which is just what I needed because I have to admit that the measuring-to- get-the-right-amount-of-space-between-each-frame part of the whole gallery wall thing is part of why I haven’t just done one already. They have a easy step by step process that has figured out all of the measuring (if you use their frames, of course). It seems so easy that it feels a little bit like cheating.

Now, of course I sort of feel that this means that gallery walls have been co-opted by the big boxes… but I guess that if you use personal items, it would still be authentic.

Let’s get real for a moment: Framing anything is expensive. I calculated the cost of making the gallery wall above at West Elm as around $300. Seems a little pricey until you consider that I’ve had to pay $300 just to frame one 8×10 painting. So, while $300 is not insubstantial, it’s not much for 10 frames given the going rate at my local frame shop. However, just for giggles I priced out the same size frames as above at IKEA (in unpainted wood, with plastic instead of glass) and it cost a whooping $30 dollars. If you use the IKEA “Ribba” line which is a brown frame with real glass, 10 frames of various sizes costs $118. I guess that leaves us at no matter your budget, you could do a gallery wall. God bless Ikea.


Hello, Gallery Walls

August 14, 2008

I’ve been thinking about gallery walls… and seeing them everywhere recently. Here are 28 in fact! The top three are my favorites. I’m thinking about putting a gallery wall above my desk. I have some egg prints, some sheets of old stamps and some art that will be a beginning!

Anything without a hyperlink was scanned from my inspiration files.

via Desire to Inspire, Ann Linberg

Marie Claire Home, French Edition

via Please Sir!

via Desire to Inspire

via Domino

via Desire to Inspire

via Desire to Inspire

via Remodelista (best blog name ever!)

via Desire to inspire

Elle Decor

via Design*Sponge

via Desire to inspire

via Habitually Chic

Elle Decor

via Decorno, via Michelle Adams

via Martha Stewart Living

via Habitually Chic

via Habitually Chic


via Martha Stewart Living

via Elle Decor

via Cookie Magazine

via Apartment Therapy

via Elle Decor

via The Selby

Via Inside the Loop

via Indian By Design

via Apartment Therapy

Boligtorvet – Kort, via Desire to Inspire


Flash Back

July 14, 2008

Here’s what I was blogging this time last year: wonder walls!

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Photowall of the week

June 20, 2008


via desire to inspire, via Elle Decoration South Africa


I’ve been meaning to do a post on Jon of Happy Mundane’s photowall. I loved the little white shelf for displaying his collections and asked where he purchased it and it turns out it’s from Target and only $19.99. Thanks Jon!

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How fantastic is this photowall/gallery wall? I love the gray wall color too. And, best of all this is from a “real person” (vs some glossy design mag or stylist’s website). Yes, a real person, like you or me (well, she’s a dermatologist by trade, so maybe not exactly like you or me). Check out the rest of Amy’s house over at Decorno (the first of my daily reads).

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