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Vintage Design: Guide Books

I had some unexpected free time this weekend and used to to surf the interwebs to my hearts content.   I found my self exploring vintage guide books; the children’s crafts books were the best. I bought the Hazel Evans book,  the Make It Yourself guide, along with the free form bargello guide.  NB: always check and Abebooks for the best prices.  You can find links to all of these in my Etsy Favorites. Continue reading

Vintage Design: Busts

Over the last couple of months I keep finding myself searching Etsy and Ebay for a vintage bust to put in my entry way…  Here’s a few that’s caught my eye on ebay.  I’m too lazy to post links but if you search for “vintage bust” on ebay you’ll find most of these ($99 – $500). The darling Greek man above is Sophocles.  This is the type of bust I’d love to find, but, this one is only 4 inches tall.  I want something around 10 inches. Continue reading

Vintage Crush: Deluxa

Yesterday was one of those no-good-very-bad days — the baby was cranky, I was cranky, it was hot as balls here in NYC and I felt impatient with almost everything. We sweat through it, the husband came home with more DVDs of Weeds and a delicious pizza and I woke up this morning feeling human.   And, to sweeten the day, the internet yielded up a delicious new-to-me vintage shop in Brooklyn, Deluxa.  I can’t wait to go check out the goods and maybe snag a few pieces for the apartment (I’m in need of chairs!).

Check out their etsy shop and great blog (full of inspiration).

Pearson’s Brentwood


This is a bill of Marilyn Monroe’s for champagne and a nice bottle too!  It sold recently at the auction house Bonhams for $397 (which seems somehow both expensive and cheap).  I’m not crazy about memorabilia, but this is so small, and so glamorous, it would be perfect as part of my fantasy gallery wall.  See much more of Marilyn over at The English Muse, who is always finding wonderful things.

Let’s see: I’m getting into a routine with Alex, who is growing like a weed, which is wonderful. Tim went back to work last week, so I took it slow and spent days watching the second and third season of The Office.  Pam and Jim’s love story had me riveted to the couch.  I’m hoping to be back to blogging more regularly, and reading my favorite blogs more regularly too!

Haute Cradles


Italy, 1999

I’ve been a little overwhelmed by how over-the-top the modern baby industry is — $1200 dollar strollers, $1800 cribs, $300 wooden toys. It’s not that I feel pressure to buy all of this (or could even afford it). It’s that I didn’t grow up with anything like that.  We had lots of love and lots of hand-me downs and I’m pretty sure I spent some portion of my early life sleeping in a drawer.  I guess I’m struggling with how to balance my own background with some of the innovations that seem worth the money to me (a rear facing stroller, non toxic toys (but not the $300 dollar version, thank you!)).  Anyway, the hub rounded up these beautiful, haute, incredibly expensive cradles on 1st Dibs to make me feel better — that our modern age isn’t completely insane — its just the way it’s always been.


German, 1910


England, 1880


Holland, 1830