Our Febgiving Feast

Our friends Jim and Becca created the Feburary holiday of Febgiving and this year Tim and I decided to get into the act ourselves.  Tim designed an awesome invite and on Saturday we hosted 25 friends and seven babies for a turkey feast! Everyone brought a side dish, dessert or cheese. The table groaned under […]

Scouting: Pizza Night & Amazing Pizza Dough Recipe

This weekend we went to Minneapolis to celebrate Febgiving (the celebration of Thanksgiving in February, natch). We ate like royalty all weekend between Friday night pizza with Kate (amazing photographer and food blogger) and her husband Kyle and the feast itself on Saturday afternoon (photos of last year’s event here).   Friday night the wine was […]

Cake vs Pie

At our Febgiving, the conversation after dessert turned to a debate about the merits of cake vs pie. It all started when Stephanie cheekily posed the question “would you rather go to a pie heaven (where they only serve pie) or cake heaven (where they only serve cake)?”  Let me tell you, the debate got […]

Thanksgiving in February and Cheese Delight

Our friends Jim and Becca wrote an awesome book on the craft of cheese making in Wisconsin. This would make an amazing valentine’s gift for the cheese nerd (like me!) in your life ($18 at Amazon). Add a box of cheese from the University of Wisconsin-Madison ($19) and they’ll love you forever.  I have personally […]