4.26.14 – Scouting: 48 Hours in Miami

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We took a three day mini break in Miami last week and I wanted to share some of the highlights.  Miami, staying at the Loew’s Miami Beach, is a surprisingly great weekend getaway with kids.  There are a lot of resorts around Miami – the kind of “check in and don’t leave the compound” type of places, but with kiddos I’ve found it’s nice to have options (what if it rains?!).  The Loew’s caught my eye because it is centrally located and universally well reviewed for families.  And, we weren’t disappointed! The hotel is right on the beach, which felt exotic beyond belief after this past winter in NYC. Our room (806 if you want to book this exact view below!) was big-ish with direct ocean views, good room service, super-friendly/unpretentious staff, and the pool and beach were a 3 minute walk.  The flight from NYC is direct and the hotel convenient to both beach and city things (we walked directly to Wolfsonian and restaurants from the hotel). There is a kids club, but, really only for kids who are strong swimmers (Alex is not). Alex loved the pool however, and it was full of other families so we felt right at home.   To get seats at the pool or the beach you need to head out early (around 9am). Also, the chairs on the actual beach in front of the hotel are owned by a third party and you pay extra for them. But worth it.  Lots of families were out there the whole day (the hotel provides all sorts of sand toys).

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We didn’t even scratch the surface of food in Miami, but everywhere we ate was good.  We really loved Mandolin Miami  and La Sandwicherie.  Yardbird was good, too.

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We also checked out the Wolfsonian and the Perez museums which were actually the highlight of our trip.

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3 thoughts on “4.26.14 – Scouting: 48 Hours in Miami

  1. Wendy

    “Super friendly/unpretentious staff” is a huge part of an enjoyable hotel experience for me. I’ll spend the money for a nice hotel, but I want to be able to relax, not feel I have to act sophisticated (’cause it would be an act, lol). Looks like it was a lovely, restorative vacation.

  2. Maria

    Nice peaceful and fun holiday at Maimi on the Beach…awesome!!!…great family short vacation and convenient as well.

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