4.7.14 – Read This! Fairy Tale Retellings

April 7, 2014

I came across this string on Good Reads via Smart Bitches Trashy Books a year or two ago and have been slowly working my way through the list (I’ll request a few from the library at a time).  A good book is the best therapy money can buy and I love having a long, long list to work through!  Sunday was just one of those days around here (doing our taxes, open houses, life not going according to plan, you know, the usual!).  We had a long subway ride to Brooklyn to go see an open house and I decided to take a time out with a good book  – The Winter Witch ($2.99 Kindle version) – to see if I could shift my attitude and the tenor of the day.  The hour flew by as I got sucked into the hills of Wales (with sheep! and magic! and PONIES!) and a bit of love and redemption, too. After the dust settled, I joked to Tim that we need to have a Kindle preloaded with some new-to-me books mounted on the wall with a “break glass in case of emergency” sign.   Do you read to calm down, too?  Also, if you haven’t read Tam Lin by Pamela Dean, it’s a modern fairy tale treat!





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