4.4.14 – Ukrainian Eggs & Friday Nights At The Metropolitian

April 4, 2014

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After a doctor’s appointment on the East side this afternoon Alex and I did a little wander.  We popped into the Ukrainian Institute ($5 suggested donation), an old world mansion on 5th Avenue.  We saw some modern art and some amazing architecture.  But really, we came for the Ukrainian eggs on the third floor!

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Then, we had a dinner date at Serafina, all alone on the airy third floor (which used to be their roof!).  A glass of multipulciano (for me) later, and a pizza and platter of ravioli (for Alex) we rolled on to the Metropolitan Museum, where Alex was in charge of our itineracy.  We saw the knights, the Egyptian temple, we saw the American Wing (returned three times to the guitar player in the American Wing Courtyard) and ended the night in the Greek and Roman Gallery “what happened to their arms?” (and other body parts…) Alex asked of all the armless and member-less male statues.  A few weeks ago when I was despairing about finding the right place for our family (another bid on an apartment fell through, this time on the UES) a friend said to me  “New York is a place of highs and lows” and boy is that the truth.

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Wendy April 7, 2014 at 10:11 pm

Thanks for the post! Those eggs brought back good memories. Years ago I bought a kit from Chinaberry (my favorite source for wonderful kids books) and my kids and I tried our hands at making our own. Needless to say, they bore little resemblance to your pictures, but it was fun!

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