3.30.14 – Found: A Tiny Card Game for All Ages

March 30, 2014

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We’re in a new phase here at Nova/Wright HQ.  The era of the birthday party is upon us. For the last four years, birthday parties have really seemed more for the parents than for the kids (everyone has fun, but the focus is on celebrating the parents surviving another year).  However, it turns out the age 5 is when parties start being important to the kids, too. We’re on the spring circuit here, a party every weekend and each one seems to out do the next.  Alex has started planning his own Ninja party – here is what he has requested so far:

  • a ninja pinata, filled with ninja candy and ninja cakes
  • every kid is going to get their own ninja costume in black while Alex is going to get a red ninja costume
  • a ninja fight show

A party at our karate place seems like a logical and low key way to meet some of these requests.  Trying to find good gifts for these parties is a another balancing act.  I like to give a good book and a small gift.  Some recent favorite books have been Zen Shorts and In The Town All Year Round.  I also like to give Iota – the tiny tin (perfect for purses or small NYC apartments already filled to the brim) holds an awesome card game – easy enough for Alex to grasp the rules but enough of a game of strategy that Tim and I enjoyed it too. I highly recommend!

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Kate March 31, 2014 at 7:04 pm

Oh I love In the Town All Year Round. I have given it countless times as a baby shower or birthday present. My newest favorite books to give to the five year old set are the Jenny and the Cat Club books. Funny, well written, good little messages about friendship and bravery without hitting you over the head with it and sweet illustrations from 1930’s New York.


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