3.23.2014 – Seen: The Great Beauty


We’re watching The Great Beauty tonight – to say it is a visual feast is an understatement. ┬áRome and Italy are the real stars (and the suits!) – the clip below is a compilation of scenes from the film. It’s all good, but my favorite scene is at 2:59 where a man with keys to all the private houses in Rome walks us through one of them. Highly recommend.

2 thoughts on “3.23.2014 – Seen: The Great Beauty

  1. Emily

    So what did you think?? I was so excited for this one after hearing a bunch of good things and then we bailed after 1/2 an hour! Maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind…

  2. Shelley Alder

    Hi Abbey,

    Thanks for reminding me watch this film. The garden scenes are stunning, I want move house and start again

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