2.19.14 – The Calvary Arrives

February 19, 2014

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 8.37.54 PM

The cavalry arrived today in the form of my mother.   We talk everyday on the phone but we don’t get to see each other in person that often, maybe two or three times a year.  Little everyday things like having her cook dinner, rub my feet, giggle at Alex’s antics suddenly felt brand new.  My mother’s confidence in life and in the kitchen is one of the things I most wish to emulate about her. Her certainty, her surety has been a balm all around me today. I laughed and laughed when I walked into the kitchen and she had cracked open the enormous Gourmet Magazine Cookbook that someone gave me years ago. While I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it, the cookbook has sat literally unopened ever since.  I had been intimated by the sheer size (over 1,000 pages) and Gourmet Magazine-ness of it.  Not to mention, I had only had two of the ingredients (lamb and onions) called for in the Navarin D’Agneau “Lamb Stew With Spring Vegetables“. My mom was undeterred and marched onwards, making an amazing stew with different ingredients but using the recipes cooking technique (braising in the oven).   Did you know you can substitute a tablespoon of white wine vinegar for a cup and a half of white wine?  Me neither.  It was a pleasure to watch her cook and a pleasure to have her here in New York.

PS My friend Kate and I joke about the fact that because we were both married in 2006 we ended up with some very similar items – the “I was married in 2006 and registered at Crate and Barrel” items like the red timer and red bowl in the photo above.  We were of our time, I guess!

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