2.18.14 – Time Well Spent

Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 10.48.39 PM

My sister and me, in our Vermont backyard, circa 1990. 

My sister came over this afternoon to keep me company.  We sat around my kitchen and traded laughs while I cooked Alex’s dinner; talking about The Times Is On It, what we’ve been buying online, work disasters.   It was a golden few hours in an otherwise long day and I’m so appreciative tonight for the simple pleasure of talking shop with a sister.

Some other articles I’ve been clicking and thinking about today:

The Atlantic: What We Mean When We Say Hello

Medium.com: What You Do Is Not (Necessarily) Who You Are

NYTimes.com: Witches of Bushwick

4 thoughts on “2.18.14 – Time Well Spent

  1. Tate

    I love this article on what you do! As a freelancer I couldn’t agree more

    Also.. Why don’t I have that awesome outfit in adult size? Yellow flannel is AMAZE

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