2.12.14 – Seen: Stars and Word Game Loving Vikings

February 12, 2014


Thank you for all your sweet, generous, loving comments and emails. Tim and I both so appreciated every single one of them and felt buoyed up by the collective kindness. It does feel a little weird to just keep blogging in light of my last, very personal post, but, since blogging soothes me and is one way I organize my thoughts and feelings, I figure why not?. It also feels good to keep the rhythm of this blog going, even as the rhythm of my daily life is still a little shaky. 

Two things caught my attention tonight as being particularly awe-some.  One was these images by Alessandro Puccinelli.  I’d love to be tucked up inside that camper with Tim and Alex with all those stars shining down around us, a million miles away from NYC and the upcoming snow storm. 

The other, almost more wondrous, was the news that a 900 year old Viking coded message was finally decrypted and read “Kiss me”? I mean, what!?!?.  I guess it turns out Vikings loved to play word games … which tickles me no end.

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