2.9.14 – Found: The Secret Of Happy Marriages


Here is a simple secret to a happy marriage: shared vices.  In the case of my marriage, this takes its primary form in a shared love of chocolate, followed by red wine, binge-watching TV and cured meats.  The only thing that would make my marriage better is if Tim liked to read fairy-tale retellings as much as I do. (I kid, I kid).  Tim and I take turns bringing home chocolate (sometimes fancy, sometimes we just eat baking chocolate chips right of out the bag).  Last night Tim procured all four of our shared vices simultaneously, most notably, a bar of Antidote Chocolate. It was delicious. Light notes of lavender and salt, but that grounded, not too sweet chocolate-ness too.  It gone in a blink. SO. SATISFYING. I also have a soft spot for anything mythology related, so I got a little thrill out the packaging which proclaimed:


Gentle and smooth, Panakeia’s healing potions are the Antidote to anything that strikes your heart or soul. She manifests through uplifting lavender and red alaea salt promoting stamina and vitality.

PS: Here are 15 ways to stay married for 15 years.

PPS: For those of you who share my reading predilections, you might enjoy Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone and the second in the series, Siege & Storm.  Set in Russia,  they loosely follow Russian folktales and I devoured in a weekend.

6 thoughts on “2.9.14 – Found: The Secret Of Happy Marriages

  1. James Norton

    Great post on all fronts. Chocolate, check. Cured meats, check. Mythology, check. I’m adding Bardugo to my list and remind me to tell you about my upcoming project that invokes Norse and Ojibwe mythology topped off with a dollop of credit card fraud and doughnuts.

  2. Lindsay

    Yes to all your vices except my oddball husband is indifferent to chocolate. Say whaaa? I don’t get it either. I loved the PS link to staying married for 15 years. If everyone spent a little more time doting on their spouse, this world would be a happier place. (And more good sex for everyone. That would help, too.)

  3. Kate

    I think we might be living parallel lives. Those are pretty much our top four as well, but I had not heard of this chocolate. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it.

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