2.8.14 – Seen: OMG who stole my ads?


Etienne Lavie replaced ads and billboards all over Paris with reproductions of famous paintings. This project appeals to me both as an art lover and someone who feels assaulted by advertisements (NB: I just googled “how many commercial messages do we see a day” and it turns out we are indeed assaulted by advertisements – some 30,000 a day).  Found via My Modern Met.


13 thoughts on “2.8.14 – Seen: OMG who stole my ads?

  1. Emme

    I’d be so happy if someone came and repapered my New York that way. How terrific. (Also reminds me of the art takeover of facebook that just got underway. Wonder if everyone’s realizing they need a little more art in their lives.)

  2. Alison

    There’s definitely a sense of deliberation that you lose when art is “everywhere.” Plus, this reminds me of how bookstores are replaced by Amazon. Why go somewhere to get art (like a museum) when it’s everywhere?

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