2.4.15 – Read : Magazines For Kids

February 5, 2014

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About six months ago I subscribed Alex to two kids magazines, Click and Ladybug and Alex is always delighted when we check the mail and there is something for him.  He sits right down and pages through the whole magazine. Click is more science-y (who invented the fork?) and Ladybug has more stories.  There is always a project or two to cut out and build (this month it was a cootie catcher, last month a memory game).  I like the stories and (beautiful) illustrations – we cut the magazines up for collages afterwards (using every part of the buffalo in this house!). What I like most is seeing Alex’s enjoyment of something written and tangible, which, in our increasingly digital and technical age, seems all the more precious.  Highly recommended for the kiddos in your life.


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