1.31.2014 – Unsubscribing: The Most Satisfying Feeling

I knew something was up when I picked Alex up at school today and he was lying on the floor in the reading area, staring off into space.  So it wasn’t a huge surprise when I got him home and he had a fever. A few hours later, the poor guy threw up and I knew our evening plans were out the window.

I spent the rest of the evening with one ear to the bedroom, cleaning up random tabs on my computer, and wouldn’t you know it, there was gold lurking in those tabs!  I highly recommend Unroll.me – a email subscription management service that scans your inbox (yes, seems a tiny bit suspect in this day and age of e-hacking etc etc) but once the scan is done (I had over 200 email subscriptions!) it let’s you unsubscribe from those emails you trash without reading and best of all, “roll up” all the rest in to a single daily digest.  Hallahuah!  Less clutter, less distraction.


2 thoughts on “1.31.2014 – Unsubscribing: The Most Satisfying Feeling

  1. susan

    Holy cow – I needed this hot tip, had no clue! Used it to unsubscribe from (gulp) 587 e-mail lists, a ridiculous number and vast amount of e-mail never read. Thank you :)

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