1.28.2014 – Laugh or Cry Situations

On the plane home tonight I read Scott Stossel’s brave/honest/upsetting/completely absorbing article in this month’s Atlantic about coping/not-coping with anxiety.  The article is long and worth reading in its entirety, but one section in particular had me belly laughing out of my seat: a description of what happened when Scott ran into anxiety related toilet trouble at a Kennedy house party.  It is what we call in our house a “laugh or cry situation” –  it’s so bad you can either laugh or cry.  Start here, with the paragraph that starts “Case in point…”  

2 thoughts on “1.28.2014 – Laugh or Cry Situations

  1. I am so happy to see you posting regularly again. You have a great perspective, a lively mind, and introduce me to things that I love to read about. Also, I no longer think I have a big problem with anxiety.

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