1.27.2014 – Read: All About NYC

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I’m traveling for work and while we waited on the tarmac for 44 planes in front of us to take off at LaGuardia, I had the distinct pleasure of reading the entire New York Magazine, cover to cover. Yes, 44.  But we did take off eventually and then land in Boston, so I have absolutely no complaints.  And New York Magazine was smoking hot this week.  I read all about the pigeons and cockroaches and horses of NYC not to mention, the history of the selfie.   Perhaps my favorite article was 100 recommendations for the perfect weekend.  A few of my favorites made the list (Brucie in Brooklyn!) but there were many more I wanted to try (Buvette!).  Also, I recently bought two of these Baggu bags, originally for toting gym gear, and am obsessed with them for travel.  They made corralling all my power cords and chargers and STUFF so easy on the one hand and then actually organized my clothes on the other.  I am definitely buying a few more for family travel.


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