1.26.2014 – Scouting Cozy Bedrooms


To say we hibernated this weekend is to put it mildly (exhibit A: the dishes).   Given how much time I spent either napping or reading, it’s no real surprise I have cozy bedrooms on the mind.  Stephanie sent me a link to the one up top (camo pillows!) found on SF Girl By Bay and I can’t get the gingham sheets below, from Serena and Lily, out of my mind.  PS I loved the comments on my post about what you’re reading and watching.  Lots of books on the “to read” pile, starting with this one (Thanks, Helen  – who was a finalist in the VT Storytelling Competition this weekend!)

Screen shot 2014-01-26 at 9.33.36 PM


7 thoughts on “1.26.2014 – Scouting Cozy Bedrooms

  1. isabel

    yo abbey,

    do you know the source for the bright red quilt?
    i am reading “a tale for the time being” by ruth ozeki and “thank you for your service.” both excellent books, one fiction one non-fiction, and somewhat depressing. i watched foyle’s war on pbs friday evening and nada the rest of the weekend. take care. isabel

  2. romy

    Hi Isabel, I do not know who made that quilt but I have been doing some research and what I found is:
    -That photo was taken on a house the architect and designer Luis Galliussi has in Ibiza, Spain.
    – Lot of the textiles on this house (specially rugs) were design by argentinian company like:
    -Also that quilt patern looks a lot like the traditional poncho from La Pampa area:
    This is a “Pampa Poncho”
    Maybe you could get a poncho a sew the head hole in the middle?
    Sorry, long comment!

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