1.25.2014 – Query: What you watching and reading this weekend?


We’ve been hibernating at bit this weekend, how about you? We’re really enjoying binging on The Newsroom and Alpha House (John Goodman! John Goodman! John Goodman!). Then, I finished Across the Great Barrier last night and dove right into the next book in the young adult series, The Far West.   My insta review: highly readable; the best quickie description would be Little House on the Prairie meets Harry Potter.  The main character grows and stretches and learns to be independent and know her own mind in a very satisfying emotional “arc”.  As a bonus, Alex even enjoyed the parts I read aloud today about scouting in the “Wild West” (with only a bit editing from me on the fly). What are you reading and watching this weekend?

PS I made these scones today, in a scramble when I realized the larder was bare and a friend was coming over in a half and hour, and they turned out flaky and very scone like.  Internet recipe success!



6 thoughts on “1.25.2014 – Query: What you watching and reading this weekend?

  1. Kate

    I am tearing through Someone by Alice McDermott and wishing I could slow down because it is so beautiful.

  2. kim

    still reading Pat Conroy book, subject matter is kind of brutal so a little here a little there. Downton and Sherlock are back for a while on Sundays but Grammy red carpet is definitely on schedule , can’t bear to watch the actual show.

  3. Helen

    I’m reading Robicelli’s Cupcakes: A Love Story. Yes, yes it is a cookbook – but it’s made for reading, too, AND they have a recipe for hot wing cupcakes that are definitely appearing at a Superbowl Party next weekend.

  4. Kate F

    How funny, I randomly picked up Across the Great Barrier for a reread this week! I really enjoyed the series, though I have to say the style is a little labored. (I’m a big fan of Wrede’s Dealing w Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles) series, and come to think of it those would be a VERY fun read for our boys.)

    Did you ever was The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate? Sooooooo amazing. Also The Green Glass Sea and White Sands, Red Menace, as long as were talking juvenile historical fiction?

  5. Abbey

    Kate, how funny! I also liked the Dealing with Dragons series, but haven’t read any of the others – my finds tend to be dictated by what I have time to grab at the library.

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