1.22.2014 – File Under Date Night (Rotisserie Georgette)

January 22, 2014


Last night, in the golden 45 minutes we get together before sleep takes us, Tim read aloud from Amanda Lester’s “Tables for Two” review in The New Yorker , then ripped it out of the magazine with a fair bit of panache and said to me “Don’t lose this!”

Amanda writes of Rotisserie Georgette (14 E. 60th St):

“The best thing about the restaurant is the smell coming from the giant brass-trimmed ovens at the back of the dining room, where Pennsylvania chickens roast slowly in rotation. You can get one stuffed with wild mushrooms, draped with two slabs of seared foie gras, and served with a side of double entendre (it’s called Poule de Luxe, slang for a woman with expensive tastes), but the bird is better in an unadorned state, with a sauce of herbes de Provence, enough garlic to kick a cold, and sturdy pommes frites for mopping-up duties.”

Sounds pretty good, right? Read on:

“It’s easiest to sink into one of the red banquettes, or a high-backed carriage chair up front, and surrender to the subtle opulence of the experience.”

Okay, now I’m totally on board.  I want to surrender to the “subtle opulence” of any experience.  But this, this takes the proverbial cake, as Amanda writes:

“Dessert may not be up to you. At lunch, a parfait of prune-Armagnac ice cream and crumbled cookies might appear; at dinner, a tarte tatin. The tarte comes with crème fraîche, ladled tableside with dramatic flair, and at that point of exquisite freshness where it tastes more sharp than sweet.”

That settles it, I called our weekend sitter and we’re going Friday night (they are on Open Table)

PS: This is a great piece of restaurant reviewing, which is no easy feat.

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Christina January 22, 2014 at 11:35 pm

I want to fly to NYC and go to this restaurant with you!

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