1.21.2014 – Snippets of My Day & A Cool Website

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Long time readers know that while I was born in NYC (in the same hospital and maternity ward where I delivered Alex) I was raised in Vermont.  Which along with an innate love of maple syrup and distrust of the sea (Vermont is landlocked) means that I know a thing or two about the snow.  Or I thought I did.  This morning, despite knowing the weather report and despite everything, I wore flats to work, and didn’t bring a hat or gloves or heavy coat. Momentary insanity.  My commute home was definitely an adventure and the last two blocks of blowing snow, wet/cold feet and hands almost did me in.  Anyway, a few images of my commute home are here and here.

For your browsing pleasure, I discovered craigslistmirrors.com tonight via Twitter, which is just what it sounds like – a collection of mirrors for sale on Craigslist. Long before tumblr was a thing I collected Ebay listings where you could see part a room, or a pet (there were a lot of listings with cats in them!);  this project is a better version of that impulse.  One of my favorite mirrors from craigslistmirrors.com:


5 thoughts on “1.21.2014 – Snippets of My Day & A Cool Website

  1. Martha B.

    Abbey- We lived in New England for a few years…and they are serious about snow! That’s where I learned to dress like ‘Nanook of the North.’ :)

  2. Emme

    Have you thought of making a tumblr or site of the ebay pictures with pets? Or the rooms you like from ebay? I’d definitely look at that.

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