Scouting: Wallpaper in Bathrooms

I’ve been hearing the siren song of wallpaper recently; these two images of bathrooms with wallpaper got me thinking about putting up some wallpaper in our rental bathroom, which is need of some love. This first image comes from Luke Edward Hall’s home (he works for UK brand Toast, among other endeavors).  The paper is made by Trustworth Studios (so many delicate intricate papers!).  I found both via Julie’s Pinterest, which is a very happening place.

Then, I came across this image from Steven Sclaroff on Desire to Inspire.   I love the lily pad paper — still looking for a source (I’d probably only have the gonads for a single wall of this print!).   Have you ever wallpapered a small room?  Big prints or small prints? One wall or all?


7 thoughts on “Scouting: Wallpaper in Bathrooms

  1. Tina @ My Modern Mommy

    Wallpaper in a Powder Room is my favourite thing to do. It’s a small room, with a door so you can close it off from the rest of the house, and a place your guests are guarenteed to visit so do something really fun. Here’s 2 I’ve used recently for clients. Graham & Brown: Darcy in Cocoa ( and Candace Olsen’s Lattice in Sand (

  2. Lori

    I’ve inherited two bathrooms with wallpaper. One has a beautiful duck egg blue floral stencil over grass-cloth and the other is a blue folk tile style…. I love them and will not remove them!

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