Scouting: Cheap Closet Organizers

February 19, 2013

Our closets have been in turmoil since we moved six months ago. While I know this is totally normal and par for the course, the hall closet has been BUGGING me recently. It was my birthday over the weekend and I happened to come across these cheap baskets at $3.75 a pop at my favorite neighborhood hardware store (compared with $15 dollars a basket at the Container Store) I gave myself an organizing gift and let myself have at the closets.  This is what turning 34 looks like people!  Organizing closets!  Well, actually, this is what turning 34 looked like, thanks to my sister and a little app called Giffer.

Anyway, the closet is better, if not perfect, and the red baskets and semi-order make me happy every time I use the closet.  If I look on the bright side, and ignore the grey hair, I guess maybe the wisdom of 34 is giving yourself permission to fix things that make you crazy.

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