Etsy Scouting: What to hang over the dining table

February 14, 2013

So I saw what I thought was a beautiful knit chandelier the day while looking through the internet and I sent it to my friend M as an example of what might look nice hung over her dining room table.  She sends me back a short note saying “Hmm, I might worry what a guy coming into my apartment would think if the first thing he sees is a hanging cradle…”


I quickly clicked back to the listing to realize it is indeed a CRADLE. Like for babies.  Whoops.  Shows you how the photos don’t show scale very well. Or it shows you that I can’t read, since the listing clearly says cradle.  But, I was hooked into finding something to hang above her dining table, since it is right in front of the door, and whatever is hung there will be the first thing you see when you walk in. Here a few options I found on Etsy — all links in my favorites.  Since she doesn’t have electricity in this area and who wants the headache of an electrician in a rental, these are all non-electric/non-lighted options.


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