Craigslist Scouting: Toddler Height Dresser

Rachel is also switching her son’s crib to a toddler bed and is looking for a dresser that he could reach (and some day dress himself!).  This first one isn’t exactly toddler material but I liked it so much I couldn’t resist adding it here. Gray lacquer on my wishlist for sure.

1.  Narrow drawers will fit lots of toddler clothes.  I also like the pulls. $80

2. Ikea and already put together! $60.  Wide enough that the bottom drawers could hold toys.

3.  I like the rectangular shape to this one, modern and masculine. $300

4. Simple, simple, simple. $75

5. More ikea and not a single blister! $100

6. Lots of storage for toys and clothes galore. $75

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