Kid Scouting: Things To Do When It’s Cold Outside

From a parenting perspective, the snow was great for about 45 minutes – because that is exactly how long Alex wanted to be outside sledding.  Two year olds, three year olds, four years olds — it’s tough to figure out how to keep them from bouncing off the walls when its cold outside.  My friend Anika always has something new up her sleeve every time we head over there for a playdate.  One day it was Cloud Dough, the next shaving cream party in the shower and she mentioned casually that they had a blast with glow in the dark paint and a black light!!!

I think my favorite was the cloud dough (8 parts flour to one part oil — something food safe cause they’ll eat it).  It’s similar to sand (molds well) and it’s something that Alex can play with for a long time in the tub (and it doesn’t stick too badly because of oil content). It’s all over the Pinterest/Mommy blog universe and there are lots of great variations and ideas (just google Cloud Dough or Moon Dough).

The shaving cream was fun (buying unscented is key – Anika found hers at CVS!) and all the more fun when Anika started adding food coloring to it and Alex ran and got a whisk from the kitchen.

One thought on “Kid Scouting: Things To Do When It’s Cold Outside

  1. Tate

    Glow in the Dark!!! SO COOL!!! I wish I’d been in town because I would want to be partying at your place!!!!

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