Art Scouting

January 30, 2013

One of my best friends from college is settling into her Brooklyn apartment and I’ve been keeping an eye out for some paintings to round out her own collection of prints and posters.   I spent the evening browsing Etsy and really liked the color palette I inadvertently selected of soft blues, greens and purple-pinks.  Looking for art for other people can be tough and we’ll see how I did. I just looked for pieces that made me think of my friend; I also kept in mind that her style is both ladylike and edgy-downtown in a perfect mash up.  So I was sort of looking for beautiful paintings that were a little unfinished or otherwise almost loose in their feel.  She had sent me some oceanscapes in the past which in my searching morphed into cloudscapes.  I think that she’ll like the bird collage, the more abstract cloudscapes and maybe the geranium block print.  I’m excited to hear what she thinks.  You can find all the paintings in my Etsy favorites.

PS:  Here is my search history from this evening:  I started out with “original landscape oil paintings” and then sorted by price (and limited the price to $250).  Whenever I came across a painting I liked, I opened in a new tab and then scrolled through the rest of that artist’s work.  That is how I found some of my favorites.   PPS: I saw marbalized enamel “graniteware” EVERYWHERE in Brooklyn last weekend.  A trend, for sure.

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