Grocery Scouting

Do you associate a candy with your parents?  I so strongly associate Junior Mints with my mother.  She always always had a box in her handbag when I was growing up.  So when I saw these heart shaped Junior Mints at the Paper Source in Brooklyn, I instantaneously knew I would be sending some to her for Valentines day.

PS I associate my father with Krackel bars (he would keep them in the freezer).

33 thoughts on “Grocery Scouting

  1. Andrea

    My mom always had the orange pumpkin face taffy in the fall. She would hide them where the cookie sheets were filed.

  2. Emme

    Jelly bellys. But she wouldn’t stop to look at the flavors or make particular combinations. She’d just eat them by the handful.

  3. heather

    My dad is from Ireland and ALWAYS asked for cadbury’s fruit and nut bars when I was growing up. Now See’s candies are his thing. But these two are so him: the early years and the later years.

  4. Camille

    My mom & Charleston Chews – we would put them in a freezer and crack them with the meat tenderizer. Now that the mini sizes are out, she’s in heaven.

  5. joanna goddard

    My dad = Sausalito cookies from Pepperidge Farms. We used to all go on an adventure to the grocery store to get them.

    My mom = Cadbury Flakes, the british flakey chocolate bar that you stick into an ice cream cone.

    Fun question:)

  6. Abbey Post author

    OMG I love all of these! Paydays! Sausalito cookies! See’s candies!

    Joanna — your dad’s sausalito cookies made me think of my sister — she LOVED mint milanos from Pepperidge farms.

  7. Natalie

    I love this! I can’t look at an Almond Joy without thinking of my dad. Same goes for my mom and Sixlets. I’d be curious to know if they affiliate a certain candy with me.

  8. Lexie

    My step-dad is the only person I’ve ever met with a die hard passion for Whoppers malted milk balls!!! :) My mom loves plain m+ms!

  9. Katy

    My mom loves jordan almonds. Always, I remember her reading in bed at night as a child, and she would eat one at a time, slowly eating the candy shell off, making a bag last ages. She still loves them!
    My dad always liked cherry cordials. He was a little taken aback when I ordered him a 10-lb box from Amazon a couple years ago for his birthday. I think he may still have some of them…haha!

  10. Margaret

    My mom: candy corn and spearmint leaves (random combo there!!!)
    My dad: HERSHEY’S chocolate (plain, kiss, Mr. Goodbar, or Krackel. Not dark). Not Nestle, not Godiva, not Lindt, not even fancy stuff straight off the plane from Belgium or Switzerland – Hershey’s is his favorite! I too am a chocoholic but prefer organic dark chocolate, preferably with raisins and nuts…I am much more of a chocolate snob I guess – but I will still eat Hershey’s if it’s the only thing around!! Love this post, thanks!

  11. Heather

    My mom would eat Sunkist Fruit Gems all the time, and my dad had this peculiar habit of taking a piece of Doublemint and a piece of Big Red gum and rolling them together. He’d get mad if I wanted a piece of one or the other because it would throw off his ratio! He still chews mint and cinnamon gum together, but now it’s sugar free.

  12. Catherine

    That is so great. I saw these at The Paper Source and bought 8 packs! My mom’s go to treat was Junior Mints throughout my childhood. These are the perfect reminder of home.

  13. Maiz

    My dad’s were Abba-Zabas and my mom’s were Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum. Fun to think about… I don’t think either of them enjoy these candies any more, but they did when I was a kid.

  14. maggie

    My Mom has always loved Smarties ..and Rolos. My Dad used to LOVE Candied Raisins. Anyone familiar with those? They had a yellow and white package with a sun shine on it. They are not made anymore and I’m always hoping to stumble upon them to surprise him with!

  15. cianne

    mom- hot tamales. she still has a bowl of them in her living room and at her office.
    dad- loved junior mints. I remember him buying them whenever we went to the movie theatre.

  16. {gemmifer}

    What a fun discussion! She didn’t eat them often, but I’ll always think of my mom when I see a Necco Sky Bar (usually ends up in me eating one) and my dad when I see a Goldenberg’s Peanut Chew. There are many other sweet treats that I associate with my parents, but these were the first that came to mind.

  17. Heather

    My mom was from Boston. I grew up in TX. When we would visit my grandmother in Boston, my mom would turn into a kid, buying up all her old fave candies: Charleston Chews, Necco wafers, Nibs, witches hats and licorice pipes. As a kid, I was like, ” Score!” on these trips, because my mom bought a ton. (This was before these candies made a comeback in the aisles of Target and Walgreens)

  18. Jessica

    My dad was totally Whoppers. He kept a huge carton in the cabinet above our microwave (to tall for my sister or I to reach on our own). My mom only liked red m&ms, so I would always save her the red ones from my bag.

  19. lindsay

    yes!!! my mom to this day always has a box of hot tamales in the medicine cupboard. I always think of my dad when I see good & plenty, m&m’s (he keeps them in the fridge), and of course Reese’s…and many more, as you can see my dad has a bit of a sweet tooth!! lol

  20. Caitlin

    Whate a nice question, such a feel of nostalgia and happy memories from everyone.

    My mom is obsessed with Peanut M&M’s, which she claims she gets for us, but then hides and eats herself :)

    My dad loves the Hershey mini’s assorted bags and Spearmint gum!

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