The Design Scouting Gift Guide

I couldn’t be more excited for the holidays this year; my sister is hosting Thanksgiving so that means no travel and no cooking for me (and great food).  Then we’re headed to Boston for Christmas, which means snow (and sledding!) and sitting in front of the fire with loved ones.  Thanks to my sister for handling Thanksgiving so I had time to do this gift guide.


For the survivalist or recent Sandy survivor. Duracel Powerpack 600 ($153).  This backpack is also on my list.

For the tree. Target Rodarth Ornament ($19)

For co-workers, stockings, best friends, the mail man. Chocolate Editions Chocolate bar ($6)

For the (urban) gardener. Raspberry bush ($32) that can be grown in a container and it’s thornless, too.

For the expecting or new mom. Dwell Studio Blanket ($48)


For your builder toddler, architect husband or Italophile friend.  Left to right, 1. Plan Toys Block Set ($55), 2. Romanesque Block Set ($150), 3.Coliseum ($40), 4. Leaning Tower of Pisa ($40).

For the adventurer; brother, husband: Bluffworks Pants ($70)

For hot food lovers, perpetually cold friends: a Tabasco sweatshirt ($30).

For the new home owner; hipster sister; design blogger; person who has everything. Gem stone shower curtain ($90)

7 thoughts on “The Design Scouting Gift Guide

  1. Amy

    Thank you Abbey for including Raspberry Shortcake in your gift guide. We are so honored! Loved all your gift ideas but of course, we are partial to our new raspberry variety!

    People can order Raspberry Shortcake – the first dwarf, thornless raspberry plant that is perfect suited to patio pots – through White Flower Farm:

    They also offer a wonderful gift set that includes a shipment at holiday time of a jar of amazing raspberry jam with a Raspberry Shortcake plant shipping in the spring. It’s the gift that keeps on giving with year-after-year of fruit harvests!

    Thanks again Abbey! We are truly honored.

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