a flash of lightning in the dark of night

November 5, 2012

Do you ever read something and find it sort of kicks around in your head, popping up when you’re pulling on your socks,  crossing the street, reaching for trash bags at the grocery store.  My friend Nancy posted this quote on Facebook recently and its been rattling around ever since, especially in the wake of the hurricane.

A sad game it is, the charade of wealth. Even the security it supposedly brings is a deceit… We are all going to die anyway, and no matter how long you live, the moment will come when you look back upon your years and they seem short, a flash of lightning in the dark of night, and you realize that the purpose of life is not after all to survive in maximum security and comfort, but that we are here to give, to create that which is beautiful to us.

– Charles Eisenstein in Sacred Economics


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