Make a Pu Pu Platter … and other parenting advice

I hope everyone is safe and dry; with power and internet access!  The photos and stories of life below 40th and in NJ and Long Island are sobering.

Happy Halloween! Alex wasn’t that into dressing up this year, so we just carved pumpkins.  My father was a big believer in jack-o-lanterns having eye brows and ears, something I’d forgotten until we were working on ours today and I suddenly blurted out “we need eyebrows and ears!!”.  Parenting and memory of childhood — so intertwined and mysterious.

For those of you with restored internet access, I wanted to share this post on Cup of Jo which is full of parenting advice from the trenches, as it were.  My favorite piece of advice was this:

Not sure what to make for dinner? Make a “pupu platter”—three olives, two apricots, a lump of peanut butter, a slice of cheese, a dollop of hummus and whatever other random stuff you have in the fridge. It’s fun to eat and will likely be healthier than mac n’ cheese or frozen chicken nuggets.

I also contributed a piece of advice, about asking for help.   What parenting tips would you share?

2 thoughts on “Make a Pu Pu Platter … and other parenting advice

  1. Nancy

    Tip 20 was the best! You are so brave, Alex on your shoulders and a stranger with one of your bags. Not to mention, you are so often that lady with an extra shovel or fire truck or snack or wipe, ready to swoop in and fill a need. NYC mothers, you are luckiest! Community.

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