What to read with you’re deep into Friday Night Lights

So what do you read when you’re deeply deeply into Friday Night Lights and want to talk about it ALL THE TIME.  Well, if you’re me, you turn to the internet, and in particular, Alan Sepinwall.

He writes of the show:

“Friday Night Lights” was always a show that was simultaneously about high school football but about so much more than high school football: about race and class and spirituality and striving and hardship and all the other things that make life so wonderful and so terrifying.

You see why I loved his writing about FNL — he totally ‘got’ the show and his writing feels like a phone conversation with a really smart TV loving friend. Here are two of the columns Alan wrote on FNL for Hitfix.com that I particularly liked, however, depending on where you are in the show, there are posts about each season.

1. A round up of the entire series.

2. Jason Katims’ series post mortem.

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