Hot Pink Chairs (Found)

Home of Mindy Weiss from O at Home.

I blogged this image in 2008 and you know, I’ve never quite forgotten those hot pink chairs. So, imagine my surprise/delight when I came across these chairs from in a bout of browsing last night (all I know is I started out looking for black fair-isle sweaters …oh internet, you complete me).

These chairs are incredibly close in look and they are $168 a piece which is reasonable.  A little looking found some hot pink velvet for $8 dollars a yard. Sadly, I can’t fit another piece of furniture in our cozy new apartment, so someone else will have to live this dream.

PS For all you New Yorkers, Better Tex in Soho is my favorite upholsterer.

PPS I use this yardage guide.

PPPS If you are brave and handy, consider doing it yourself.

4 thoughts on “Hot Pink Chairs (Found)

  1. M

    Are you sure you don’t need these chairs? Because I’m pretty sure everyone needs these chairs! SOOO cute.

  2. Ada (new york)

    The hot pink chairs are GORGEOUS!!! It def brings a WOW factor into a room. The downside (happen to me all the time) gorgeoooous pieces, but doesn’t fit w/my current decor uuuunless I do a make-over ….. hmmm???… naaaaah! I luv my place as is :) Maybe in a few months I’ll start revamping.

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