Iced Coffee in Canning Jars

Ok.  So 50% of me thinks this is awesome and 50% of me is like “who are you kidding, hipsters?”  The Cuppow turns canning jars into travel mugs (I almost wrote “sippy cup” which marks me as a mom first and foremost).  This made me think of iced coffee, summer and picnics and road trips.  In that order.


15 thoughts on “Iced Coffee in Canning Jars

  1. Autumn

    I think it’s cute – I love something in a jar as much as the next girl but seriously this is up there with the Pet Rock! No insulation value, not to mention breakable, bulky in the car, just totally impractical.

  2. Brian

    I agree with Autumn. At first glance I thought it was great. Then the truth settled in. Hot coffee in a jar? Impossible to hold onto. Breakable. Won’t fit into cup holders. And for one little top it’s about 7 bucks – not cheap! If they’d give you a few for that price, I may give it a look.

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  5. April

    Love it! First canning jars are made to with stand heat .just think when you
    Can foods you have to boil it.I don’t see a problem with coffee at all.
    Someone seafood they are breakable on haven’tyou used the ceremic
    Travel mugs they break essily and people still b
    uy thing is where do you find the tops? Jelly jars would i’m sure fit
    In car holders :-)

  6. april

    Sorry I m on a should of said their our cups that our breakable.
    And people use wondering where you would get lids ?

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  8. The Junk Drunk

    This post brought back great memories of us on a junking trip last Labor Day weekend in the Catskills with mason jars of iced coffee! Cuppows are so handy and charming.

    Brian/Autumn – I’ve actually dropped mason jars a few times, and while they can break, they’re stronger than your typical glass cup. They should be safe for in the car or around the house, but probably risky if you drop them on pavement or something.

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