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The Best Chocolate Layer Cake

November 15, 2011

I’m not one for food hype — in fact, nothing depresses me more than overhyped food (Eatly as a notable recent example).  However, I am confident that I’m not overhypeing the chocolate layer cake at The Chocolate Room in Cobble Hill when I say it is the best in NYC.  It is everything a chocolate cake should be, which is moist with a good ratio of not too sweet frosting to cake.  Tim’s birthday was on Sunday, and we made a special trip to Brooklyn just for this cake (much to the amazement of the nice man who took my order).

PS It is also an amazing date place for Brooklynites — a movie at the Cobble Hill Cinema followed by chocolate cake at The Chocolate Room.

Thanks to amazing M for introducing me to these and many other NYC delights — you light up my life!


Recently: 99 cent Dreams

November 14, 2011

I’ve wanted to blog about this building on the way to the Brooklyn Ikea for years — like every time we drive by I think “I should take a photo and blog about that” and by the time I get my camera out the moment has passed.  However, this past weekend I managed to anticipate my desire and snapped this one photo as we cruised past.  It was only when I went to post it that I realized I’d captured a cranky Alex and my oddly disembodied hands too.  While I know that snapshots with rearview windows in them are a clique of the snapshot oeuvre, there is still something about this photo pleases me; it captures an amazing cultural sign — I mean I always think about what 99 cent dreams must be and it also perfectly captures the chaotic energy of heading to Ikea with a 2.5 year old in tow.


As the dark afternoons start to get me down I turn to two things; buying amaryllis plants (I love watching them grow and bloom in this darkest season) and planning my advent calendars.  Before I had a kiddo I’d make them for all the ladies in my life.  Now, Alex is the sole beneficiary of my Advent love.  Last year I made an advent calendar from stripped paper bags from In The Clear — Alex loved it (so did Martha Stewart!).  I’m gearing up to do it again this year.  The hardest part is finding cheap toys — last year I scored at a used toy sale in Westchester.  This year I’m going to use stickers and some Etsy finds plus some small $1 toys from my favorite West Side Kids.

If Alex was a little older, Garnet Hill sells a set of 25 stocking stuffers that would be perfect for this project for $36.

I saw this awesome Star Wars themed Advent Calendar and thought of an older kid I know who would love this!


Weekly Pins

November 12, 2011

This weekend is all about lots of freelance work and birthday planning for Tim (whose birthday is tomorrow!!).   This week’s pins all about the kitchen can all be found here.


Daily Dose of Green

November 9, 2011

From DosFamily


Weekly Pins

November 4, 2011

Maybe it was the snow or the sudden cold snap, but, I’m suddenly really looking forward to the holidays this year.  Cookies and lights and greenery and being together.



<<Three>> Holy black floors!  PS: Happy Weekend!


Dream House

November 2, 2011

I could spend my whole life in this Union Square loft.  All those books and that cozy reading nook.  Found via 16 House. Originally posted on At Casa.


Daily Dose of Green

November 2, 2011

This just made me feel cozy.  Found via Pennyweight’s Pinerest (highly recommended!).


Over the last five months I’ve been lucky enough to contribute in some small way to the exhibition Crafting Modernism at the Museum of Arts and Design.  The show opened on October 12th and got a glowing review in the New York Times last Friday! Crafting Modernism Opens! (a mini tour of the show with the show’s curator Jeannine Falino). Hewn, Spun, Joined, Sandwiched, Cemented


Alex The Gnome

October 31, 2011

We gnomed it up this year with an amazing costume from Etsy seller Lauren Bauer.


(For the next six weeks I’ll be posting gift ideas whenever I come across them. )

These ghost chocolates from Burdicks get me every year ($18 for 5).  This is the kind of thing I don’t think people ever buy themselves.  Or, at least, I wouldn’t.

A magazine just for kids ($24)!  Alex (2.5 years) is just at an age where he’d love to get something in the mail (we check it together every day — he gets to put the key in the mailbox and pull out the mail).  Also, he’s starting to develop an attention span for reading longer stories.

Personalized aerial map jigsaw puzzle ($50)  It sounds like this is a really hard puzzle, but, I love the personalized aspect!


Early Morning on the UWS

October 28, 2011

This morning we ran out of coffee chez Nova necessitating a very early morning walk to resupply the house.  Alex brought along his tool box and I brought my iphone — we both did some work!  I sighed a little at this townhouse with seasonally appropriate window boxes.  PS It was a dramatic night on the UWS with a shooting at 91st and Riverside — we heard the helicoptors for hours last night.  PPS: @NYScanner is my favorite breaking news Twitter feed.


Weekly Pins

October 28, 2011

<<one>> I can’t get these neon drapes out of my head.

<<Two>> I bought these sneakers ($50) earlier in the month and have been living in them.


<<three>> Now I need to go spray paint all my ratty baskets neon pink.

<<four>> I can’t shake how awesome that bouquet is.  Oh, and I love the shoes, too.  On my list for summer shoes for next year.



October 27, 2011

We headed to Storm King last weekend and Alex, while a little puzzled by the sculptures, had a great time running around and rolling in the dirt.

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