An Update on the “Just Because” Gift Guide

December 6, 2011

I’ve been posting gift ideas as I come upon them for the last month. This one covers a lot of ground; from survival gear to the tech-y to the perfect gift for your mother-in-law. For whatever I lack in depth, I hope to make up for in breadth.  You have my sister Tate to thank for this edition; she’s been at me for the last week to publish this.

1.While this may not be for everyone, this survival backpack full of survival supplies ($99) would make my Christmas, as I’m an erstwhile survivalist.  To each their own.

2. Cyber Clean gel ($8) is for cleaning all that icky gunk that accumulates on computer keyboards.

3. I’ve always wanted wooden spoons and cutting boards with that warm patina of age.  This spoon oil ($5) is one way to get it.

4. This succulent wreath ($85) strikes me as a great gift for your mother-in-law or best garden loving friend.

This UFO Zine ($6) would be a great stocking stuffer for my Dad or little gift for that hip office mate. Or for those people in your life that have everything.

In that same vein, this Abraham Palatnik Lucite Lepoard ($150) would make an amazing present for the design minded boss or boyfriend with an awesome office job.

For the pregnant friend, I’d get this adorable woodland creature set ($40).  

For the friend with a 15 month to 3.5 year old son, I’d suggest any of the Batta take-a-part toys ($18).  Alex is a huge fan, too.

One of my favorite gift combo for almost all children under 5 years is this soft bat ($20) and inflatable globe ball ($14).  We’ve passed many an enjoyable hour playing baseball this way. Highly recommended! (And safe for indoor play).

What isn’t to love about these tie-die hair ties ($10.50). For all the ladies, friends, sisters, daughters out there.  Because I’m so over Goody.

While I can hear the groans from various members of my personal peanut gallery that this would make a sad gift,  I would love to find these kitchen “paper towel replacements” ($29) under the tree.  In the elaborate gift giving protocols in my family, one of the golden rules is that the gift can’t be too practical or involve drudgery.  So, no vacuums, or handkerchiefs or undies or cloth paper towels.  You get the idea.

This mini “pixie nesspresso” machine ($185) would be more appropriate gift in that is pampers the recipient with espresso drinks whenever they desire, for under a $1 a shot. Amazon has the best price by far on this one … just sayin’.

As long time readers well know, I’m paper obsessed.  This “gold bar” set of post-its ($10) would be a great gift for co-workers.

To end on a romantic note, this mini device makes a rainbow on demand ($20).

Oh, and I’ve been listening to Spotify Premium while I type this.  At $120, not a bad gift for that music obsessed significant other.

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