Fighting Winter Blues with Advent Planning

As the dark afternoons start to get me down I turn to two things; buying amaryllis plants (I love watching them grow and bloom in this darkest season) and planning my advent calendars.  Before I had a kiddo I’d make them for all the ladies in my life.  Now, Alex is the sole beneficiary of my Advent love.  Last year I made an advent calendar from stripped paper bags from In The Clear — Alex loved it (so did Martha Stewart!).  I’m gearing up to do it again this year.  The hardest part is finding cheap toys — last year I scored at a used toy sale in Westchester.  This year I’m going to use stickers and some Etsy finds plus some small $1 toys from my favorite West Side Kids.

If Alex was a little older, Garnet Hill sells a set of 25 stocking stuffers that would be perfect for this project for $36.

I saw this awesome Star Wars themed Advent Calendar and thought of an older kid I know who would love this!

7 thoughts on “Fighting Winter Blues with Advent Planning

  1. S&C

    Love! Mine is almost 2 and we are so excited because he is starting to get it. We have a box advent that I’m going to fill with cheap Walgreens knick-knacks. Can’t wait!

  2. Bridget

    I definitely bought the Star Wars calender for my little brother…he is turning 17, but you know, Legos are forever. :)

    Actual Christmas ornaments, or the means to do a Christmas craft are another idea of things to put in an advent calender. Socks are a personal favorite as well. So are Barbie outfits, and things that correspond to something you’ll do that day (maybe go drive around looking at Christmas lights, or watch the Charlie Brown Christmas movie).

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