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Inspiration in Red Pumps

November 14, 2010

I’ve been obsessed with Deborah Berke‘s amazing red shoes and simple black dress in this photo since I saw it last month in Elle Decor.  I love how confident and poised she looks in this photo.  I’ve had my eye out for a nice pair of red pumps and I found these at Urban Outfitters.


Read This!

November 10, 2010

  I left Alex for the first time (!!) last week to go to the American Ceramic Circle conference in Milwaukee.  I felt so glamorous traveling without a child; without anyone dictating anything to me.  I sat in splendid peace in the airport and decided that since it might be years before I traveled again without husband or child, I gorged myself on magazines in the airport.  I checked out W, Saveur, Teen Vouge, Better Homes and Gardens (which is getting good!), and Veranda (again, vastly improved since the last time I took a look). However, my favorite re-discovery was National Geographic Magazine. I loved it as a child; it made the world seem so large and full.  I subscribed this morning and it was $15 for 12 issues, which is so much cheaper than I remember.

National Unburying the Aztec

National Great Migrations


A Cleaning Superhero

November 3, 2010

I mean to blog, I really do!  I think about the blog everyday — so even when I’m not here, know I’m thinking of you. In the meantime, the Halloween report = totally awesome.  I made Alex’s costume (a cape with a iron on decal) at the 11th hour with Leigh’s help.  Alex went as a Cleaning Superhero since he is really into sweeping and vacuuming these days (see video below!).  He had a blast sweeping the streets of NYC in his cape. (Side note: check out the ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL costumes Leigh made/scouted this year).




November 2, 2010

Election 2010 Voting Information

Today, November 2nd, is Election Day! Make sure to get out and vote. Voting is pretty simple, but if you have any questions, here’s an outline of helpful information. Please share this information widely–forward this email, and post it on Facebook and Twitter.

(Reading this on your mobile phone? You can get voting info here:

Where and when do I vote?

  • You can also get your polling location by texting “where” to 30644 from your mobile phone.
  • These resources are excellent, but not perfect, so to double-check information, you can use the Voting Information Project application to find contact information for your state or local election official.

What do I need to bring?

  • Voting ID laws vary from state to state, but if you have ID, bring it. To find out the details, check out your state’s info at

What if something goes wrong?

  • Not on the voter list? Make sure you’re at the right polling place, then ask for a provisional ballot.

On your ballot

  • The League of Young Voters has put together a site where groups and individuals can post do-it-yourself voter guides. Check out your state here:

How can I help get out the vote today?

And a quote to remind us all how important it is to vote today…

“Because if everyone who fought for change in 2008 shows up to vote in 2010, we will win this election, I’m confident that we will.” –President Barack Obama


Daily Dose of Green

November 1, 2010

Via mil.a’s photostream


Every year since 1936 Ria van Dijk  has taken her self portrait in a unique way — she goes to a fair shooting gallery booth –  one where every time you hit the target it triggers a camera shutter and you win a portrait of yourself in firing pose.   I love self portraiture, especially when thoughtful done.  See them all here.  Found via The Year in Pictures.  I love the emerald green of the shirt next to Ria and the bright lipstick on the young lady behind her.  So much vitality in a snapshot.


Read This!

October 27, 2010

Desk – Music and Sound Design from Aaron Trinder Film:Motion:Music on Vimeo.

Boing Boing: People and their desks. (Thanks Samantha and Dave!) Marriage by email

New York Magazine: Depressed Dogs in Halloween Costumes. (Thanks Ruthie!)


I’d seen this sort of desk in glossy design magazines, but only recently discovered that they were in the Biedermeier style; which focused on clean lines and a utilitarian sense of purpose.  Two design principles that continue to be influential today, I might add!  NB: All three desks are up for auction at Grogan & Company on the 24th.

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Read This!

October 6, 2010

Forgive my absence this week.  We are installing a visiting exhibition at work, so I’m in the galleries 9am-4pm, watching as the objects get uncrated by an amazing crew of art handlers, condition checked by conservators and placed in the gallery by curators.  I will never get tired of seeing art come out of crates, it is like watching a beautiful woman get out of a taxi. [click to continue…]


Vintage Design: Guide Books

October 4, 2010

I had some unexpected free time this weekend and used to to surf the interwebs to my hearts content.   I found my self exploring vintage guide books; the children’s crafts books were the best. I bought the Hazel Evans book,  the Make It Yourself guide, along with the free form bargello guide.  NB: always check and Abebooks for the best prices.  You can find links to all of these in my Etsy Favorites. [click to continue…]


Design Icon: Josef Hoffmann

October 3, 2010

I just remembered why I love with the designs of Josef Hoffmann. [click to continue…]


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Daily Dose of Green

September 30, 2010

Via jwilkin’s Flickr 


Read This!

September 29, 2010

 Vancouver Aquarium

Some of my favorite reads this week:

Science Daily:  Walking improves the brain.

Whole Living:  Obsession and the creative process.  The creative upside of austerity. Debating Modern Photography.

This amazing photo the work of Landon Dix.

Bonus reading: How to talk so your child will listen.