An Advent Calendar for Alex

I’m really getting into the holiday this year (maybe because the sleep exhaustion of a new born is fading!). I made Alex an advent calendar and am really looking forward to the next 26 days.  I used red and white striped bags from Etsy seller In The Clear ($7.50 for 50 bags) and stick on numbers from Staples.  Inside the bags are a variety of small toys and stickers.  Most of the toys came from a great used toy and book sale in Westchester of all places. I think I spent $5 dollars on the toys and $5 on stickers.

15 thoughts on “An Advent Calendar for Alex

  1. Ashley

    This is adorable, Abbey! I am hosting my holiday party in a few weeks and might snag the striped bag idea for goodies for my guests. So glad it’s time to decorate for Christmas!

  2. Nancy

    Omg he is so sweet sitting in his chair! Makes mr crazy with wanting to cuddle him!
    You are a genius of being pitch perfect on this. I went a little nuts getting Oskar an advent calendar and spent embarrassingly way too much on the whole endeavor, while really thinking about how I would love to inspire in Oskar an appreciation of simplicity in pleasure (ha! Using too many words now too!). Anyway, you know what I mean because there it all is for less than $20 recycled and upcycled sweet advent joy. Jeez. So glad you are my friend.

  3. lauren

    LOVE this idea! And that baby is delicious! Out of curiosity, where did you score the toy loot? My parents live in Westchester and I would love to pay a visit…

  4. Cate

    Abbey, how cute! We put up our advent calendar last night. The weather isn’t very Christmas-y today, but online shopping makes up for that. Hope you’re well!

  5. Susana

    Adorable! I’d love to know what the toys were…I’m struggling to come up with 24 more ideas (today was a glue stick) to put in my 16-month-old’s advent calendar.

  6. The Lil Bee

    You are kidding me with this. UNbelievable!! Best idea ever. Where in Westchester were you? Those little sticker gnomes are almost as cute as little man’s pudgy cheeks. He is positively edible, Abbey!

  7. abigail

    adorable! I’d love to know what the toys are too. My sister in law has put me in charge of my niece and nephews stockings this year and I’m stumped!

  8. Abbey

    The toys were: a set of (16 or so) small plastic dinosaurs; four different sticker sets; three little wooden animals; two plastic figurines, one of a boy, one of a car; a plastic newt.

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