The Shooting Gallery Portraits

Every year since 1936 Ria van Dijk  has taken her self portrait in a unique way — she goes to a fair shooting gallery booth –  one where every time you hit the target it triggers a camera shutter and you win a portrait of yourself in firing pose.   I love self portraiture, especially when thoughtful done.  See them all here.  Found via The Year in Pictures.  I love the emerald green of the shirt next to Ria and the bright lipstick on the young lady behind her.  So much vitality in a snapshot.

7 thoughts on “The Shooting Gallery Portraits

  1. alex

    It’s so nice to see a portrait thats not a kissey face in the mirror. I love when portraits show who you are, not the best construction of your facial features. thanks for sharing.

  2. Catie C

    Abbey, I’ve been looking in on your site for a couple of months now and increasingly grow to enjoy what I find, especially as your taste virtually mirrors my own. I was astonished at your link to the austerity promotes more vintage piece from the London Daily Telegraph, something I too bookmarked to keep. Your room features, details, etc are always so beautifully photographed but when I stumbled upon your self-portrait item today I couldn’t help thinking again “wow, that’s me” for I’m avid self-portrait taker too. Your blog is a joy. CC

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