Our Febgiving Feast

March 1, 2010

Our friends Jim and Becca created the Feburary holiday of Febgiving and this year Tim and I decided to get into the act ourselves.  Tim designed an awesome invite and on Saturday we hosted 25 friends and seven babies for a turkey feast! Everyone brought a side dish, dessert or cheese. The table groaned under the weight of such deliciousness.

The feast in progress! I’m obsessed with Whole Foods brand Italian sparkling water.  Tastes amazing and costs $1.29 a bottle.

The table setting with red parrot tulips from the corner bodega, Marta glasses ($1.50-2.50 from CB2) and our silver, bought at auction. This vase was re-purposed from this experiment. I also used some of these vases from Jamali Garden Supply and mini daffodil plants.

We tucked fortune fish (left over from our wedding) into each napkin.  Everyone had fun with them.

A delicious looking plate.

A room full of happy babies.  Alex was so happy to share his toys with all the little people.

Tim and Alex toast the Febgiving crowd.

Thanks to Katherine and Joanna for the lovely photos!

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