Christmas Chez Here

I’m longing for a nap right about now.  It almost goes without saying, but hosting Christmas in NYC when you have a six month old baby = exhausting.  However, traveling with said child would have been murder, so, I think we came out ahead.

Due to a lost baggage nightmare, the stockings my mother had made for our Christmas went to Washington-Buffalo-Philadelphia-Tampa before finally landing in Laguadia, at midnight on Christmas.  This necessitated some quick sewing on my part; using some Josef Frank fabric ($5 at a Brunschwig and Fils sample sale) I had squirreled away in my fabric stash. I used this great (free! printable!) pattern from The Purl Bee. I really like how festive and modern they look.  Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.

17 thoughts on “Christmas Chez Here

  1. Christina

    The stockings are wonderful and the start of your own Christmas traditions- making stockings at midnight on Christmas eve and wrapping presents in tissue paper when you are exhausted.

    What is so special about these stockings is that they are completely you. Only you would understand the pure joy and delight that something so unique would bring to a tired tradition of red and green. These stocking are what we all need to revitalize our Christmas. Thank you.

  2. rowena

    Really? Your emergency stockings are matching Brunschwig and Fils? If I had been in your situation it would have been Papa’s insulated socks. The grey ones with the reinforced toes. All the better for holding loot.

    Yours look awesome. Add a little trim on the top and nobody would know they were emergency at all.

  3. The Lil Bee

    Abbey, how do you manage to do stuff like this and make it look so damn cute?! My emergency stockings would’ve been just like my non-emergency stockings, bought at Target and hung on a nail over my doorway! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. I can’t believe Alex is crawling at 6 months…that is soon, isn’t it?! xx

  4. leni

    such cute stockings and decorations.

    I have a great GIVEAWAY on my blog, so stop by if you’d like to win!

  5. dianereeves

    Love the stockings! They match but they are not too matchy matchy since the pattern is so big. I will have to keep that in mind for my family’s stockings.

  6. ABF

    Do you know the name of this pattern of fabric? I love it and would like to buy some but can’t located the same by searching under Josef Frank… Thanks very much! (mail dot mien at hotmail dot com)

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