Project: Baby Quilt

A dear dear friend is having a baby in early October and I’m sewing a baby quilt for her!  I’ve only made one quilt before, so its been an adventure, but a fun one.  I’m so much more disciplined than I was last time I quilted, which has sort of made me feel like a grown up.

I bought these fabrics at Purl Patchwork where they were so nice and so helpful.  Also, the prices are pretty fair, especially when you factor in shipping costs. In addition to the fabrics above, I’m quilting in old dress shirts from her father and husband as a way to fit an extra bit of love into the quilt.   The photo below is the quilt that I’m basing my design on.   I’ll post it when I’m done, of course!

Oh and this Alexander Henry fabric, “Zoo” is what I’m using on the back.

9 thoughts on “Project: Baby Quilt

  1. Raina

    Oh wow! That’s going to be something else. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    I make nursery-themed or birth announcement needlepoint pillows for friends who are expecting.

  2. M

    This is seriously so gorgeous. I think you may either a) start a hipster quilting renaissance or b) talk yourself into an Abigail Quilts custom line!

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